Compliance Institute Survey Finds: 67% of Organisations Say Employees will Split Time Between Home and Office


In our recent Working From Home members survey, it found that:

  • 67% of organisations say employees working from home will still need to visit the office at least once a week;
  • 3 in 10 organisations said they would allow their employees to work from anywhere in the country; 
  • 16% of organisations have not formalised their working arrangements for 2022;
  • 5% of employers say they would allow their employees to work outside Ireland;
  • 38% of companies have yet to decide where their employees will work; and   
  • 28% of employees will need to be near enough to work so they can commute every week.

Speaking about the findings of the Survey, Michael Kavanagh, CEO of the Compliance Institute, said: " We have reached another roadblock in terms of workers returning to the office, but we are hoping that the advice will have changed in the New Year.


When this happens, the start of 2022 is looking likely to be something for a trial period of many organisations as they figure out the best way to accommodate their staff's changed situations, needs and preferences.


Our survey indicated that a "hybrid" model, with a mix of home and office work, is likely to be the most preferable option - 53%.


Our survey did show however that, in the main, employers are happy to adopt some elements of remote working into their operations."

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