Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals

Programme Overview

The Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals is the first programme of its kind globally and is the result of an enterprise-driven collaboration commissioned by Sustainable Finance Skillnet in partnership with IFS Skillnet and the Compliance Institute. The Diploma is delivered by the Compliance Institute's education partner, IOB, a recognised college of UCD. The Diploma forms part of the continuing effort to address the talent gap in sustainable finance and build Ireland’s capacity as a global leader in sustainable finance.

The aim of the programme is to equip compliance professionals or those entering compliance roles with the critical knowledge and compliance skills to advise on and advance the sustainability agenda within the financial services industry. The curriculum will support those in compliance roles in control and assurance functions, enabling them to lead authoritatively on the legal, regulatory, policy, monitoring and risk management activities, which will not only provide Board and Regulator assurance but also be a key input into organisation strategy with respect to sustainability


This is a level 8 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Course Overview:

Start Date: February 2024

Time Commitment: This course requires 125 hours and the lectures are online webinars that are recorded and available for learners to attend at a time that suits them.

Length: It is a 15 week programme and runs over 3 trimesters, 1 module per trimester.

Assignment/Exam: There are 2 assignments per module with no end of term exam. The first assignment is group work at 30% and the second assignment is 70% individual.

How you will benefit:

On successful completion of the Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals graduates will be able to:

i.Explain to peers, customers, and other key stakeholders the relevance of sustainability to the economy, business and the financial sector, and the role of financial services within the sustainability agenda;

ii.Identify the key current and emerging issues and drivers from a sustainable finance and regulatory perspective in particular the EU Taxonomy, SFDR, mandatory and voluntary sustainable finance and standards;

iii. Explain to peers and the Board, corporate sustainability reporting and sustainable finance disclosure requirements;

iv. Analyse the role of culture and ethics in a sustainable finance compliance framework and advocate for the sustainability agenda within their organisation;

v. Recognise the regulatory requirements on sustainability factors and risks relevant to the FS sector and organisation in which they work and assess the impact on how the organisation manages sustainable finance compliance risk;

vi. Establish compliance frameworks to translate the mandatory rules, regulations and policy into operational requirements and the tools to assess sustainable compliance risks and monitor and report on them;

vii. Communicate effectively key sustainable finance messages to all stakeholders, internal and external;

viii. Equip themselves with resources and market information to be alert for and stay up to date with sustainable finance developments.


Taking up an ACOI Designation:


On successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded the Professional Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals from UCD.

Graduates who complete the Diploma in Sustainable Finance for Compliance Professionals will be invited to apply for a professional designation. Continued use of this designation is subject to meeting Compliance Institute’s CPD requirements.


This programme qualifies for 30% funding through IFS Skillnet and Sustainable Finance Skillnet.


Members of the International Sustainable Finance Centre of Excellence (ISFCOE) are eligible for up to 70% funding. 


Full Programme Fees: €2,040.

Fees for IFS Skillnet/Sustainable Finance Funded Place: €1,428.

Fees for ISFCOE Members: €612

How to Apply

For further information and to apply for a funded place, please contact [email protected].

Any Questions?

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