The Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI) Rebrands as the Compliance Institute: Our Rebrand Story


Date: 18 November 2021

On Thursday 18 November, at the ACOI 2021 Annual Conference, ACOI President, Kathy Jacobs announced on behalf of Council one of the most significant changes in the ACOI 20 years history, the ACOI is changing its name to Compliance Institute. For more information, watch the Compliance Institutes President’s message:

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“The ACOI is approaching its 20th Anniversary and reaching such a milestone inevitably brings reflection.  We have achieved much over the last 20 years, growing to be the premier provider of compliance education in Ireland, and the largest education body for compliance professionals of its kind globally.  We have over a dozen professional qualifications covering all aspects of compliance disciplines most university accredited, and for all stages of our members careers, starting all those years ago with the now-benchmark Professional Diploma in Compliance.

Our focus has not just been on education but also on promoting the compliance profession and representing Compliance Professionals values and propagating their insights in various fora and media.

It’s also true that the ACOI must evolve and change as the environment around it changes and for this reason, ACOI Council has been engaging in a process of renewal to ensure our professional body is fit for the next 20 years.  We are delighted to announce one of the most significant changes in our history, the ACOI is changing its name to the Compliance Institute.  Our Council have decided to make this change to ensure that our profession is forward looking, broad based, and diverse to serve the compliance needs of the 20’s 30’s and beyond.

The Compliance Institute will position us to build on our reputation as the Voice of Compliance in Ireland.  The Compliance Institute will continue to grow our educational and designation offerings, enhance our and Ireland’s international reputation and provide our members with an active engaged, in-built community where they can network with industry peers and hear from regulators within a collaborative business environment and reflect thought leadership as a centre of excellence for today’s compliance professional. 

Our new tagline, ‘ Better Business Ethics ’ acknowledges the Institute’s ongoing commitment to promoting business ethics, something that is enshrined in our constitution.

The ACOI has a legacy to be proud of, and the Compliance Institute will have a busy and bright future building its own track record.” 

Kathy Jacobs, President of Compliance Institute

New LinkedIn Page

As part of the rebrand, the Compliance Institute has created a new LinkedIn page to keep followers up to date on all the latest news and developments from the organisation and from the industry itself, and ask that all its members and supporters follow this new Compliance Institute page.