Fintech & Payments Working Group 

About the Fintech & Payments Working Group:

Fintech and Payments Working Group provides members of the Compliance Institute with the latest insights on current and pending Fintech and Payments issues. The landscape of regulated financial services is changing rapidly, both through the globalisation of financial services but also through deployment of more advanced technologies to allow easier and wider access to financial services and products. With the use of more advanced technologies comes greater regulatory scrutiny and requests for compliance advice and guidance from key business partners.

Fintech & Payments Working Group Members

  • Siobhain Ivers - (Chair)
  • Ciara O Grady - (Vice Chair)
  • Claire Ledwith
  • Annemarie O’Beirne
  • Andrew Quinn
  • Greg James
  • Simon Mc Feely
  • Paul O'Loughlin
  • Louise Hogan
  • Darina Colhoun
  • Stephen Hartnett
  • Fiona Charles