Hybrid - Sustainable Finance - What Role will the Compliance Professional Play?


Sustainable Finance What Role will the Compliance Professional Play?


Webinar Details

Date: Friday 21st October 

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

CPD: 1 hour LCI, FCI (Compliance)

Fee: Free Event 

Platform: Zoom and In-Person at KPMG Ireland Harbourmaster Place 



For all our futures, a sustainable world is going to be ever more important. An important component to achieve a sustainable world is sustainable finance. The area of sustainable finance is evolving to meet the expectations of a range of shareholders, including investors, policy makers, regulators, central banks, and society and everyone is a stakeholder. Becoming aware and educating are building blocks to a lifetime of employment.


The Sustainable Finance Skillnet Deep Dive Skills Report (2019), commissioned by the Sustainable Finance Skillnet Ireland and Sustainable Nation Ireland, and researched by Deloitte, says that sustainable finance is quickly becoming mainstream and will fundamentally change the entire financial sector, with regulation acting as an accelerator in prioritising skills and training. It adds that sustainable finance is not a short-term trend, but a permanent shift from ‘niche’ to ‘mainstream’ representing an entirely new focus in finance.


So, Sustainable Finance What Role will the Compliance Professional Play?


Join us on 21st October where our panel of experts will answer the following questions:

Sustainable finance -related initiatives are a relatively new function in firms and touch various other functions how does a firm determine who the ‘owner’ is?

Sustainable finance has become a huge interest for boards and employees, what is key to setting the standards for the sustainable finance agenda?

How will compliance play a meaningful role in a firm’s sustainable finance initiatives?

How can the compliance program rise to meet the changing and evolving risks and strategies?

What expertise can the compliance function provide to help firms establish a robust, auditable metrics and assisting with any disclosure issues?

How best can the compliance function manage interactions across sustainable finance?

How will leadership teams give compliance a voice and use compliance professionals’ expertise and experience to inform the firm’s decisions?

How will culture and ethics be embedded in a sustainable finance compliance framework?

Promoting a culture of compliance; are individual accountability regimes and controlled functions aligned with supporting the sustainable finance strategy in financial services?

What do compliance professionals need to start doing now to prepare? 


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10/21/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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