Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment 


Programme Overview

The Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment is a level 8 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications, offered by the Compliance Institute’s education provider PAT (Professional Accountancy Training) and awarded by TU Dublin.

The programme is designed to provide professionals, practitioners and other stakeholders with the skills and competencies that supports a culture of AML compliance.

In the context of the technologically driven innovation in financial services (Fintech), the programme assesses the AML Framework from the perspective of a wide range of providers in the Irish Financial Services ecosystem – for example: Credit and Financial Institutions (‘Firms’) and Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions (DNFBP’s).

The programme examines the core elements in the AML Cycle and contemporary (technologically enhanced) best practice in the risk assessment, client onboarding, and life cycle management of client accounts for traditional financial institutions, Fintech’s, and other professional services providers.

Analysing the role of the global watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and evaluating the challenges facing National Financial Investigation Units (FIU’s) in investigating and enforcing AML/CTF actions, is another central component to the course’s holistic approach to reinforcing/enhancing the effectiveness of Ireland’s existing AML/CFT compliance regime.

This course is for participants who want to understand the specific risks and the importance of AML and CFT in a fast moving digital and evolving Fintech environment.

Semester 1

  1. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Framework
  2. Fintech AML Cycle

Semester 2

  1. Evolution of Fintech Compliance
  2. Fintech Innovation and AML Compliance
Taking up an ACOI Designation:


On successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded the Diploma Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment by TU Dublin.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

CPD hours will be awarded to the following designations on the successful completion of this programme.

Semester 1

         Designation/CPD Scheme - Maximum CPD Hours

  • Accredited Funds Professional - 6hrs
  • CFCPP - 4hrs
  • CPD Member - 8hrs
  • FCOI (Compliance) - 16hrs
  • LCOI - 16hrs
  • QFA - 8hrs
  • RS CPD Member - 8hrs

Semester 2

         Designation/CPD Scheme - Maximum CPD Hours

  • Accredited Funds Professional - 2hrs           
  • CDPO - 2hrs
  • CFCPP - 4hrs
  • Chartered Banker - 3hrs
  • FCOI (Compliance) - 16hrs
  • LCOI - 16hrs
  • Professional Banker - 3hrs
  • Regulatory Reporting Professional - 3hrs


Entry Requirements

The course is aimed at learners with a Level 7 award who wish to specialise in the field of AML risk and compliance with a view to entering the financial services industry, or those with a Level 7 award who are working in Financial Services and who require a qualification in the area in order to progress professionally. As this is an inter-disciplinary qualification it is open to individuals with a background in business, finance or technology.


  • The fees is €3,300 for the programme in total.
  • This programme has IFS Skillnet funding available for certain companies. You should check if your company has IFS Skillnet approval. IFS Skillnet price is €2,310 for the programme in total.
  • For information on Skillnet funding, click here.

How to Apply

  1. You will need to be a current member of the Compliance Institute to register for this programme.
  2. Register for this programme through our education partner, PAT.

Any Questions?

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