Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment 


Programme Overview

The Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in a Fintech Environment, a level 8 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications, provided by PAT and awarded by TU Dublin is designed to provide professionals, practitioners and other stakeholders with the skills and competencies that supports a culture of excellence in AML compliance.

Updated to account for both recent events, and the CBI’s recognition of a dedicated AML/CFT role (PCF 52), this programme is for participants who want to understand the evolving AML function in a fast moving digital and evolving Fintech environment. 


• Addresses the AML Framework from the perspective of a wide range of providers in the Irish Financial Services ecosystem, specifically                    operational and strategic AML requirements in an increasingly data-driven Fintech environment.

• Examines core elements in the AML Cycle and contemporary (technologically enhanced) best practice in the risk assessment, client onboarding,    and life cycle management of client accounts for traditional financial institutions, Fintech’s, and other professional services providers.

• Evaluates the Evolution of AML Compliance, for example: the adoption and use of digital identities, the innovation in payments infrastructure,      and the challenges of both protecting, and sharing, client’s data in an increasingly digitalised environment.

• Analyses Fintech Innovation & AML Compliance through the demonstration of a range of contemporary AML (RegTech) solutions, the potential   of various technologies to enhance the operational efficiency, increase the quality of actionable information, and imbed a risk-based approach     into the AML Compliance Cycle.

Taking up an ACOI Designation:


On successful completion of all 4 modules (40 ECTS) you will be awarded the Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment from TU Dublin .

On successful completion of each of the individual modules (10 ECTS) you will be award a ‘Single Subject Certificate’ for the specific modules from TU Dublin.


The programme is scheduled to commence in late September 2022 and will be delivered part-time.

The 4 modules that comprise the programme will each be delivered by a diverse panel of industry practitioners over 24 weeks (two academic semesters) in an on-line environment. Weekly 4-hour classes will be recorded and be supplemented with pre-recorded content and reference materials. 

The 4 individual modules (each 10 ECTS) of the Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment will also be offered as separate stand-alone ‘single subject’ awards that can later be ‘stacked’ into the full Diploma (40 ECTS) award.

Entry Requirements

The course is aimed at learners with a Level 7 award who wish to specialise in the field of AML risk and compliance with a view to entering the financial services industry, or those with a Level 7 award who are working in Financial Services and who require a qualification in the area in order to progress professionally. As this is an inter-disciplinary qualification it is open to individuals with a background in business, finance or technology.


  • This programme has IFS Skillnet funding available and with the 30% IFS Skillnet funding the price per module is €560.
    For information on Skillnet funding, click here .

How to Apply

  1. You will need to be a current member of the Compliance Institute to register for this programme.
  2. Register for this programme through our education partner, PAT.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the Professional Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering in a Fintech Environment, or any education programme:


Contact: Ciara on [email protected]