Compliance Institute Designations

Compliance Institute is the leading association for compliance professionals in the country, with 3,250 plus members. In Ireland, Compliance Institute is recognised as the primary association for awarding designations in the area of compliance and ethics, with Compliance Institute Designations being the benchmark to demonstrate competence to work in compliance in financial services

Compliance Institute Professional Designations



Licentiate of Compliance Institute

Guidelines and Regulations



Certified Fintech Risk &

Compliance Professional

Guidelines and Regulations



Certified Financial Crime Professional

Guidelines and Regulations 



Certified Data Protection Officer

Guidelines and Regulations



Certified Ethics and Culture Advisor

Guidelines and Regulations

What are the benefits of holding a Compliance Institute Designation?


  1. Holding a Compliance Institute Designation demonstrates your commitment to the compliance profession and standards of the role.
  2. It is a statement to current and/or potential employers that you have attained a level of technical competence and are ready to take the next step in your career – holding a Compliance Institute Designation will help advance your career.
  3. Compliance Institute Designations are considered to be the benchmark designation for many roles in the compliance, risk, regulatory and finance sectors and are recognised by the Irish regulators: the Central Bank of Ireland and the Data Protection Commission.
  4. The Compliance Institute’s LCI Designation satisfies the Central Bank’s Minimum Competency Code which 'sets out the minimum professional standards for persons providing certain financial services, in particular when dealing with consumers.
  5. Recipients of the Compliance Institute’s LCI Designation are recognised by International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA) members as ICCP (Internationally Certified Compliance Professional).


Taking up an ACOI Designation:

Taking up a Compliance Institute Designation:

On graduating from a Compliance Institute Education Programme, you will be invited to take up a Compliance Institute Designation and use the associated designation title.

In order to continue using your designation title, you are required to meet the Compliance Institute’s Designation criteria annually. 

Maintaining your Compliance Institute Designation:

  1. You are a member of the the Compliance Institute, (membership runs from August to July each year). 
  2. You must obtain and log the minimum CPD credits required for your designation each year (CPD runs from January to December each year)
Maintaing your ACOI designation:

Compliance Institute Designatory Letters, Titles and Associated Programmes: