About the Compliance Institute

The Compliance Institute is the professional body for compliance professionals in Ireland. With 3,000 plus members, it is the premier provider of education and professional development in compliance and is the leading authoritative voice on matters relating to regulatory compliance and business ethics in industry in the country.  

The purpose of the Compliance Institute is to equip Compliance Professionals and those who deal with compliance and regulation with the necessary competence and skills to undertake their roles in a professional manner. The Compliance Institute’s ethos of ongoing close collaboration with regulators, educational partners, industry bodies, stakeholders, compliance professionals and students, works towards embedding compliance as an enabler of business.

Professional Designations
In Ireland, the Compliance Institute is recognised as the primary organisation for awarding designations in the area of compliance, with Compliance Institute Designations being the benchmark to demonstrate competence to work in Compliance in financial services. 

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The Compliance Institute has an extensive Continued Professional Development (CPD) offerings and members holding our designations must complete annual CPD to maintain that designation. The Compliance Institute offers its members a wide range of benefits that enhance their professional knowledge and provides opportunities to share their experiences with fellow members. 

Compliance Institute Objectives

The Compliance Institute has three objectives:

  1. To promote the advancement of knowledge, information, views and ideas in the field of regulatory compliance and business ethics;
  2. To provide training and education, and conduct examinations in regulatory compliance and business ethics; and
  3. To promote high ethical standards among all persons engaged in regulatory compliance.
ACOI Annual Conference

Our Mission

Central to Compliance Institute’s mission is equipping Compliance Professionals and those who deal with compliance and regulation in financial services with the necessary competence and skills to undertake their roles in a professional manner .

  1. We provide our members with accredited graduate and post graduate education in the various fields of compliance and business ethics. To maintain and update our members’ skill levels, we provide ongoing professional development;
  2. We provide a forum for networking for our members. We keep members abreast of relevant industry developments and seek to provide ongoing useful assistance to them in their careers;
  3. We consult with regulators on behalf of members where we think our association has constructive input to contribute; and
  4. We promote high ethical standards among all persons engaged in regulatory compliance.
ACOI Annual Conference Kathy Jacobs

Our Values

We aspire to put the education and professional development of our members first. Our aim is to equip members with the necessary skills to be:

  1. Diligent in understanding and keeping up to date with key areas of financial services legislation and regulation;
  2. Constructive in their engagement with employers or clients, proactively assisting them in the implementation of processes and procedures to facilitate compliance with relevant laws and regulations;
  3. Proactive in their assessment of key compliance risks; independent in their testing and monitoring of compliance standards; and
  4. Fair, honest and transparent in all their dealings, particularly in their reporting to stakeholders on standards of compliance with laws, regulations and codes of behaviour within financial services firms.
ACOI Annual Conference audience

Company Information

The Compliance Institute (formerly known as the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland) was established in November 2002 as a ‘not for profit’ company limited by guarantee. The Compliance Institute does not have a share capital. Its Registered Number is 379249 and its Registered Office is 5 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2.

The Compliance Institute is a registered charity, Charity Registration Number 20065072 and Revenue Commissioners (CHY) Number 17471. 

ACOI Structure

The day-to-day affairs of the ACOI are managed by the ACOI Executive and overseen by the ACOI Council which consists of up to eight elected members who govern the Association. The work of the Council is supported by its ACOI sub-committees on Finance, Risk and Administration (FRAC), Audit, Membership, Ethics and Education & Professional Development Services (EPDS).

The ACOI also benefits from its network of Working Groups focused on Consumer Protection, Data Protection & Information Security, Financial Crime Compliance, Funds, Pensions and Prudential Regulation & Governance. The working groups, which are made up of experts in their area, serve to provide members with the latest insights on current and pending issues of relevance.

ACOI Council

International Affiliations


The Compliance Institute is a founding member of the International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA) which was founded in Dublin in December 2010. The other founding member countries are Australia, USA and South Africa.

IFCA is the umbrella organisation for professional bodies that specialise in the practice of compliance. Membership comprises of national compliance bodies from around the world that have been established for the benefit of their members. The purpose of the alliance is to co-ordinate and collaborate in ways that benefit business ethics and compliance professionals worldwide.


The Compliance Institute is an active member of the European Network for Compliance Officers (ENFCO).

ENFCO is a network of not-for-profit associations for in-house compliance professionals across Europe. The organisation facilitates the cooperation and communication between the participating associations and their incorporated professionals in the best spirit of a European community, according to the network’s mission goals.

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